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The Must-See in NYC
Shopping in NYC, New York City Shopping

Shopping in NYC Whether you’re a shopping expert, an amateur or someone looking to have some fun window-shopping, New York City will amaze you with a great diversity of spending opportunities, hosting representatives of almost all the famous chains from around the world, available for all budgets. As you already know, at Morris Guest House, we pride ourselves with providing the best in terms of inexpensive New York hotel alternatives, which means that if you choose our services, you’ll not only book a comfortable, relaxing room, but you will also save a lot of money. So here are some of the most interesting places you can spend it in… Discount and affordable shopping As one of the most advantageous hotel alternatives in New York, we always try to present our visitors with affordable opportunities throughout the city, so that they can make the most of their stay, even on a tight budget. This is why we’ll start our list of shopping centers with Century 21, the mother of all discount department stores in the city. Spanning across Church Street in Lower Manhattan, this department store hosts crowds of customers all day long, with new inventory flowing in literally all day. […]

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Cheap Parking near Yankee Stadium

cheap parking near yankee stadium Deals near Yankee Stadium Staying at the Morris Guest House, one of the best alternatives to expensive Manhattan hotels, allows freedom of movement on your part, as you can use the rest of your budget (even if it is small) to have as much fun as possible. Because it’s so popular, the Big Apple’s reputation can work against those who cannot afford spending a fortune on food, transportation and lodgings. In this blog, you’ll find out some easy ways to save money and get the best deals near the Yankee stadium. After all, the best things in life are free! Transportation When you can, just walk to your destination – you get fit with no costs. Sometimes, it’s not achievable, especially if you want to explore a larger area. Being on a budget means that taking a cab or getting stuck in a traffic jam are possibilities which you cannot afford – it’s a waste of money when you can get around the Big Apple at a reasonable price by using the bus and the subway. Think of it as an experience. You’ll get to see the real atmosphere of New York, the cosmopolitan charm […]

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Inexpensive Alternative to Manhattan Hotels

Best prices for your stay

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The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees Overview and some of history As the most profitable sports enterprise from the United States, the New York Yankees team is estimated at a value of $2.3 billion dollars. Behind these figures is much more than financial investment, as the world records held by the baseball squad are unrivalled – 27 World Series Championships, 40 American League pennants and 18 division titles are all Major League Baseball all-time records. Also known under the nickname of Bronx Bombers or The Pinstripers, the team has harboured some of the most famous personalities of American baseball, such as Babe Ruth, Michael Mantle, Joe DiMaggio or Lou Gehrig. Even if these names don’t ring any bells to you, a trip to NYC should not be without visiting the home ground of the Yanks. The team’s museum is another key attraction that should not be ignored – after all, it’s the biggest baseball museum ever built! And if your budget is already stretched out, you can stay at one of the most appreciated budget hotels close to the Yankee stadium, the Morris Guest House. With the money you save, you can easily buy a game ticket for one of the most […]

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The Must-See in NYC

The Must-See in NYC

Congratulations on making it to New York City and welcome! Now that you have arrived at your hotel and you have finally settled in, it’s time to think out your next few days and pick the places you want to visit during your stay. We know many of you are here to watch a game at the reputable Yankees Stadium or simply to visit the home of your favorite baseball team, but here you will find a few other very popular attractions you can check out. And remember – at the end of each busy, cosmopolitan day, at Morris Guest House, we offer you a relaxing and peaceful environment to rest in, or in other words, the best there is in terms of budget hotels in NYC.

The Statue of Liberty

Initially a gift from the French to the United States, the Statue of Liberty soon became a symbol of freedom and a sign of welcome for the immigrants who came to the USA in search of a better life. Today, it represents by far the most recognizable landmark of New York City and it is an absolute must-see for all visitors.
If you want to make the most out of your visit, you should book a ticket in advance. This way, you don’t have to spend time waiting in line and you get to enjoy an up-close view, as well as the exciting climb to the top of the statue. When you’re done, don’t forget to visit Ellis Island on your way, so you can get a feel of how immigrants arrived in New York during the 20th century.

Central Park

Another popular attraction to visitors of NYC is Central Park, the centerpiece of the city’s public parks system and one of the largest metropolitan oases in the world. At Morris Guest House, you will discover that we do not only uphold affordability when it comes to booking a room. Indeed, as one of the most inexpensive hotels in New York, we can advise you on the cheapest ways to get around the city and the great activities you can enjoy in areas such as Central Park.
Whether its summer or winter, the picturesque park at the heart of Manhattan always provides entertainment for new visitors. Amongst its most famous attractions, you will find Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle or the Friedsam Memorial Carousel. During the cold season, you can try out ice skating at Trump Rink, while enjoying the scenic background of the traditional winter. In summer, on the other hand, the Delacorte Theatre holds plays for Shakespeare fans, while Rumsey Playfield hosts the citywide, free performing arts festival named SummerStage.

The Bronx Zoo

If you’re looking for family oriented pastimes during your stay in New York City, we definitely recommend the Bronx Zoo, the largest urban wildlife preserve in the entire USA. You will discover that we are not just the most affordable hotel in the proximity of Yankees stadium, as more than 5000 animals and 600 different species are just around the corner from Morris Guest House.
And if you’ve seen all the wildlife, then you will surely find a fun activity to enjoy with the children, loved one or even alone. You can choose between sea lion and penguin feedings, the Bug Carousel, the 4D Theatre or the special activities at the Children’s Zoo.

Landmarks, parks, museums or shopping, the Big Apple certainly doesn’t lack in entertainment opportunities or popular attractions for tourists. At Morris Guest House, we are more than eager to present you with the options, while offering you some of the most comfortable and affordable rooms in New York and, most importantly, a quiet, soothing place to crash after all the metropolitan fun.

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Alternative Accommodations

Alternative Accommodations Sleep in New York City for Less Cheap Sleep in NYC Affordable Hotels Inexpensive New York City Hotels

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NYC Hotel Alternatives

NYC Hotel Alternatives What to look for when researching New York hotel alternatives There is a popular trend today, especially among travellers, to minimize expenses, while maximizing the amount of entertainment and facilities for that quantity of money. This blog will give you some insight into what you should expect from an inexpensive New York City hotel alternative. Facilities, prices, possibilities will be examined in order to provide a better perspective of the opportunities you can choose from when visiting the Big Apple. Why not go to a hotel? It’s simply not worth it. Even if you can afford spending over 200 dollars on premium lodging, it won’t improve your experience at all. Rather, it might render you a bit anxious regarding your priorities, as there are so many things to visit and do in the most populated city of the United States. While staying in NYC, you need to make the most of it, experience the atmosphere and melting pot of the cosmopolitan variety of cultures – you don’t want to sleep your way throughout. Active rest is one of the most recommended methods of charging your batteries, whereas lying in bed and doing nothing all day will definitely […]

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