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Bronx Landmarks | Morris Guest House

History of the Morris Guest House

The Morris Guest House is more than just an inexpensive alternative to the expensive Manhattan Hotel, as this New York City lodging has more background to it than meets the eye. Part of the historical landmark sites located along Morris Avenue in The Bronx, the building was designed by the architect John Hauser and developed by August Jacob Farley. The project started in 1899 and, after 11 years of construction, the building features a classic 19th century curved bow facade of brownstone, cornices and ornate iron railings. Walking by it, you can almost imagine the incredible atmosphere of the beginning of the century – countless scientific discoveries, a society heading towards growth and evolution.

In the style of Renaissance revival, the architectural design of Morris Guest House has been carefully and continuously preserved both inside and out, now offering adventurers from around the world the experience of an authentic American construction. If in 1910 the area was populated by commuters seeking solitude, away from the busy hub of Manhattan, now it’s booming with diversity and colour, inviting tourists to experience the Big Apple at never before seen rates. Much like the building, the location hasn’t changed much today. A century later, the hotel is placed in the proximity of public transportation, as well as the Yankee’s stadium, making it the perfect place to crash.

On the Big Screen

Besides history, you’ll also get a taste of celebrity at the Morris Guest House. The 2014 American movie, “Deliver Us From Evil” features this exact location. Take the chance and explore our rooms, get into the atmosphere of the story and you might just feel what Edgar Ramirez felt when playing Mendoza in the film. This priest teams up with Eric Bana, who plays a NYPD Sergeant, in order to fight the evil threatening to completely take over the city.

Even though stars walked through our hallways, we have kept our initial goal – offering tourists, travellers and visitors the opportunity to stay in an affordable alternative to New York Hotel, so feel free to book a night with us! Reading Beware the Night by Ralph Searchie here (the book on which the film was based) will definitely give you chills and if it doesn’t, the air conditioner will do the trick.

The Guest House Today 

Today, the rooms at Morris Guest House are restored in mint condition, flawlessly maintained by our staff. All of our rooms are non-smoking, child and pet free, giving international travellers the opportunity to enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere of New York’s Bronx.

Friendly and welcoming, our multilingual staff is guaranteed to make your stay more enjoyable and direct you in your New York adventure. Make your reservations today at Morris Guest House. Our prices are so light, you won’t feel the difference!