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Welcome to our reservations page! Here, you’ll find a list of the type of rooms you can book at the Morris Guest House, as well as more information regarding the prices and the maximum number of people per room. Our hotel does not perceive an extra tax for booking, nor will you be charged any commission for this service. It’s easily one of the best budget hotels near the Yankee stadium!

Just under 2 miles away from the Yankees stadium, the Morris Guest House offers an unique experience – you now have the chance to spend the night where a scene from “Deliver us from Evil” was shot. Moreover, we’re one of the best choices in terms of inexpensive NYC hotels because of how close we are to the subway station. The B and D line take you to Manhattan if sightseeing and exploration is what you’re looking for and the #4 line will take you to the stadium. After the match, you’ll be back again in 10 minutes – just enough time to put your feet up and enjoy the commentaries and juicy replays.

All of our rooms are non-smoking, pet and baby free. If the heat is getting to you in summer, you won’t have to worry, as each and every one of our rooms is equipped with an Air Conditioner. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi and a welcoming, comfortable bed. Last but not least, an alarm clock by on your nightstand might prove to be very helpful for late sleepers that enjoy waking up to an early New York City morning.
No booking fee, no commission – book a night today in one of the most attractive and affordable hotels in New York City.